A theme that approximates the style of The Economist.

theme_economist(base_size = 10, base_family = "sans",
  horizontal = TRUE, dkpanel = FALSE)

theme_economist_white(base_size = 11, base_family = "sans",
  gray_bg = TRUE, horizontal = TRUE)



base font size


base font family


logical Horizontal axis lines?


logical Darker background for panel region?


logical If TRUE, use gray background, else use white background.


An object of class theme().


theme_economist implements the standard bluish-gray background theme in the print The Economist and economist.com.

theme_economist_white implements a variant with a while panel and light gray (or white) background often used by The Economist blog Graphic Detail.

Use scale_color_economist() with this theme. The x axis should be displayed on the right hand side.

The Economist uses "ITC Officina Sans" as its font for graphs. If you have access to this font, you can use it with the extrafont package. "Verdana" is a good substitute.



library("ggplot2") p <- ggplot(mtcars) + geom_point(aes(x = wt, y = mpg, colour = factor(gear))) + facet_wrap(~am) + # Economist puts x-axis labels on the right-hand side scale_y_continuous(position = "right") ## Standard p + theme_economist() + scale_colour_economist()
# Change axis lines to vertical p + theme_economist(horizontal = FALSE) + scale_colour_economist() + coord_flip()
## White panel/light gray background p + theme_economist_white() + scale_colour_economist()
## All white variant p + theme_economist_white(gray_bg = FALSE) + scale_colour_economist()
# NOT RUN { ## The Economist uses ITC Officina Sans library("extrafont") p + theme_economist(base_family="ITC Officina Sans") + scale_colour_economist() ## Verdana is a widely available substitute p + theme_economist(base_family="Verdana") + scale_colour_economist() # }